Monday, August 23, 2010

New bag

I thank my uncle for giving this wonderful vintage leather bag, even though it is small i really like it alot. Here some shot with my new bag.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Me & Mr. Mustache

Say Hello to Mr. Mustache tote bag

I received alot of bad comments on this bag. Ok i tell you the truth guys, i copied it.
It's originally by Sirena con Jersery classic or whatever she is, i saw her bag on google when i was searching for a logo. I'm sorry if said it that i designed, i miss understood by putting the verb designed. I would like to say that i draw it on the bag, "Copied" if you guys like to call it.

Anyways Sorry again if i can't answer all you comments here, i'm not bad as you think i am.
Also i don't want to debate with nobody, it's just a waste of time. It's better to tell the truth and apologize. Ok? it'll never happen again.

Friday, August 13, 2010


I would describe my look cheap but classic, from the top to the shoes. My whole outfit would fit like 70 euro or less. Many friends told me that if i put braces i should say goodbye with my belt. But i told them that i no have rules so i putted it anyway.

I'm wearing:
Black cap by Zara
White tank by H&M
Black braces by H&M
Leather belt by oneil
Black smart shorts by Topman
Black Espadrilles by H&M

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nothing better than a pair of Italian shoes

This time i'm so inspired of vintage kinda style. I wore a grey cap by H&M, a white shirt with bowtie & braces printed on top and a black jeans by Sisley and a pair of italian Leather shoes.
The shoes is quite old so i don't say it's really brand new because i made a look of this. I remember when i wore this look, my mom called me Charlie Chaplin.... i dunno why.....
Anyways i hope you like it. peace! =)

(sorry it's quite dirty)

Friday, August 6, 2010

"Madtoter creation update"

- My very own firts DIY creation, striped tote bag made from a old polo shirt -
- Black v-neck by rifle designed like band style -
- Anchor tote bag -
- Karl Who? tote bag (copied) -
- Ship Wheel tote bag -
- Key whole tote bag -

"Kawaii Japanese Style"

Here are some my favorite styles from the site i mention before:

This is one of the typical japanese girl style; skirt with leggins (My japanese friend is agree with that). I always see many japanese girls around florence that has the same style, even though it's 36°C. Same hat as well and they usually wear extra large scarves on their neck (on winter season), it's gives like cuteness points...i dunno.

School boy style! I think he's one of the tie haters, that one doesn't look like a tie but a scarf instead. The jacket is pretty stunning, seems like from Zara, don't you think? I love the way he adds the checked pants, typical harujuku and the socks is so classic. SWEET! Specially the hat adds the school boy vibes.

The hat is so frenchy, also the dot pants and the pointy shoes. Gosh it's weird but cool at the sametime. I want his scarf, simple amazing.

Poor fox, this guys sure like vintage from top to the shoes. The cross is like a touch of the music genre he listen to. Freakin stylish nippon people )=|.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Japanese people are so in Fashion!

This is one of the blog i check most because i simply love japanese street fashion. Japanese youth created their own style, i would call it "Rebellious" but in a good way. C'mon japan is one of the traditional countries. Anyways it all started in Harajuku & Tokyo; where you can find a bunch of young people dressed like animes, cartoons or with STYLE. Sometimes they look kind weird but japanese still have this thing that everything they put on, they still look nice.

If you have any chance to go to Japan, gosh you're free what to wear dude.
Many says that in japan they don't judge the you dress yourself, they don't even care.
I mean to them it is normal to dress weird or with fancy stuffs around their body.
Not like here in Europe or in US, that they look you from feet to head and then they bomb you with negative comments. Does it sound familiar?

Also they are so Vintage Freak like British people.
Go check out this site and you'll see a bunch of vintage stuffs on their clothes.
(just click to the first image to go to their site, enjoy the tour)

Sigh, I wish to live in japan one day!


Summer is just wonderful, it's a great season to wake up late like 11:30 am, that i usually do. hehe... This is the bar i usually go to have breakfast; "Bar Italia". They really have delicious pastries, specially their Millefoglie alla crema. With €,090 cents your stomach will be satisfied. (Yummy YUM!) I live in a small town here in Florence so they are few bars here to go. But i think this is the best. As you see in the picture it started to rain and i'm like the only one person in the middle of the street, capturing photos under the rain. (-_-)"

"Millefoglie alla crema" -->

I took some shots inside of the bar, well, only the pastries. ^o^

See that roundy yellowish pastry? those are Bigne, they are not bad too!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Dreaming of Paris"

Here's my look posted in Lookbook

Black hat - Zara
White v-neck - H&M
Soldier tag - gift from a friend
Leather Belt -Oneil
Black jeans - H&M
Brown Leather shoes - Vintage
Canvas bag - DIY

A New Blogger is born

Hi People, Jerome here, just wanna introduce myself first. Well I do like many things, but food is in my top list. It is stronger than anything i like such as; fashion, music, sewing travelling ecc.
Anyways i'm just any 19 yr old guy who wants to see the real dream of my future life. I mean what's my real role in this world. But deeply in my heart; my desire is to be a fashion designer or stylist. Fashion conquered all my being, it's in my veins. I'm still learning about fashion and anything about it, but i really in to it. Thanks to my mom i knew how to sew, which is my favorite hobby so far. . . I do create my stuffs but mostly i make tote bags and my title bag explain it al. Anyways enough of bla bla bla, Welcome to my blog and a new journey begins here!