Friday, August 19, 2011

Asleep in the Deep

 "A day when you don't feel to do nothing "lay days". One of the best thing i love to do is sleeping and after work i feel so tired and this is what i am...deeply asleep on a bench. Good night and sweet dreams everyone!"


Hat - Vintage
Eyewear - H&M
Scarf - "Z"
Round Tee - Zara
Jeans - "Z" DIY distressed
Bracelets - Dad's closet
Belt - 'Z'
Shoes - Vintage from dad's closet


  1. Love the first and second photo! I have been obsessed with fedoras lately. Love your bag too.

  2. adore it. imma do a female version of it heheeh

    like beanies??
    comment me back dear


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