Sunday, March 11, 2012


 It was a hard for me not to show to you earlier this awesome red parka i got from work, it's one of our new arrivals and i fell in love with it so i bought it right away. (hehe) I hope to but the orange parka soon as i can before someone took my size.  Hope you like this simple look that i came up with, simply spring look. One of the key product of Zara this Spring are the Parkas, we almost got all the colors of them; from beige, orange, dark green, red, electric blue, navy blue and brown.
 I want them all but i need to save up money to something else. haha

Almost forgot to tell about the shoes,'s from zara too! Aren't they adorable? i guess the red one is the best among the other colors. What do you think?
 Hat - Flea Market/Vintage
Eyewear - H&M
Tee - Zara
Parka - Zara
Jeans - Lee
Shoes - Zara


  1. nice jacket and shoes :)

  2. I love your shoes !!!!!

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  3. Awesome outfit^_^ sooo gorgeous!!!!!!!

  4. Love this, so colourful and cool!
    You might enjoy my latest post - very close to home ;)
    All the best!

  5. love your shoes so much!

  6. The red jacket is so cool!
    I like the shoes as well!!

  7. Love, love and love that jacket!


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