Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Duffle coat from Ivy Oxford // Shirt from Mujji // Sweater, Scarf, Pants, Socks and Shoes from Zara // Asos Backpack

 Having such a job that i love to do is something i really admire and appassionate about. Not all people especially in my age nowadays have a job, a job that they really wanted love to do. I feel so blessed that I enjoy every single day at work (not really everyday, but most of the time...YES!).  As you know, a part of my job is also to dress window dummies to value every single garment that can be a great offer for a client. However, i recently got this new dummy from a friend in Florence a week ago *hoping to bring it way back home in milan though*, and since i've brought couple of clothes to my parents house...i did a small styling on it: a navy duffle coat, tartan shirt , brown crew sweater, green scarf, a pair of grey pants, a denim backpack, printed classic socks and a black shoes. Nothing special on this one, a normal outfit i wore for daily basis...*yawn* when i don't feel to wear much.

So, I hope to do more styling and dressing to my dummies to share and inspire you.

Have a great one guys!

Jerome C.


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