Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hang It #1

This is going to be the first Hang It Styling post that i'm hoping to continue to do here in my blog - sharing some styling ideas i came up with by hanging them up, just to see them in a different point of view. However *sipping a tea*, i did all the shoot in my friend's house, which is really cute by the way...quite modern and with a gorgeous terrace. I hope he doensn't mind if i do all the shooting very often to his place. .

Since winter has already striked the city and everyone are covering themselves with lots of layering, especially with wool's an outfit i wore when 0°C hit me that day: Valentino Wool Blazer, Navy Turtle Neck sweater *modern and elegant , Denim jacket from Guess *for casual touch, jeans, denim backpack *as always, printed knitted scarf and a pair of chukka boots. I think there's nothing so casual than this one, don't you think? As addition, the striped tee is just something i bring inside my bag...well, incase the temperature inside the store becomes summer after a while.

In all of mix and match in this outfit i did and if you're someone who wears lot of elegant pieces like me, and 
you want to add some casual vibe on it...Denim is the right thing to throw in your look!


  1. Cool idea! The place indeed looks very stylish. I like the denim in it!

    XX Sonja

  2. Super lindas las fotos y la ida también, creo que las prendas seleccionadas son muy apropiadas.
    Abrazo. Germán

  3. Love the jacket!

  4. nice!

  5. Love the styling, your photos are great!


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