Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Customize Classy Camel Coat

Isn't so awesome to receive a customize classy camel coat The 4C from a generous sponsor? I'm very honored to have such a basic key piece on my wardrobe... I mean, a camel coat for winter is a "must",   it really goes very well with almost everything! Camel is the new black and i like the way i'll wear it with jeans specifically with distressed ones and casual wears to slip out a bit on the classy atmosphere. 

Camel Coat courtesy by

Tailor4less is one the great place for you to customize your own personal suits, coats, shirts and pants. It's the easiest way to have unique garments with your personal touch and also by putting your name on it. It is the 2nd time i got something from them and I honestly found myself at ease on their product, material and cut. Since christmas is coming, maybe it'll be a good idea to give your love ones customize clothes with their name on it...don't you think?

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- Jerome C. -


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