Sunday, April 20, 2014

Casual Friday

 EASTER VACATION. I'm so glad that my Easter vacation has just started, a great opportunity to go back home and celebrate Easter with family and friends in Florence. And since it's been a long time i didn't post any of my looks, here's one of them! Nothing fancy, just a pinch of orange, a casual green blazer paired with a very versatile new kicks from New Balance "574".  
Imagine this outfit in a very spring Sunday morning, a perfect day for a cup of coffee and go with your dearest friend. Time for a chit chat and a relaxing walk in the central park of NYC.

Happy Easter Y'all!

Blazer Vintage // Custom Shirt Tailor4less // Watch Hip Hop Watches // Pants and Pocket square Zara 
Sneakers New Balance // Shoeslaces Hickies


  1. perfect!

  2. Kicks are amazing!

  3. Love the green blazer, nice outfit!


  4. Love your New Balance sneakers and how they complete the whole outfit who's is of course, amazing! Adore your style xx

  5. so love the overall outfit...


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